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We guarantee a professional translation that matches your requirements.

With MDS Languages, you are guaranteed translations that have been completed by professionals who translate exclusively into their mother tongue, so as to ensure the highest level of quality possible.

Specialist Translators

MDS Languages has at its disposal a vast network of translators specialising in one or more fields and with the expertise and experience needed to accommodate all of your translation requests in a professional manner. Whatever the field of your required document translation (legal, economic, financial, commercial, advertising, medical, etc.), we have the solution you require.

Project Management

MDS Languages looks after your projects from start to finish, to and from all languages. We work with you to understand your needs and expectations so that we can fully satisfy your requirements. We also guarantee top quality since every translation is systematically reviewed by our proof-readers whose mother tongue is the target language of your document.

Translation Memories

In the interests of coherence and consistency, MDS Languages uses translation memories that are specific to each project and each client. A translation memory is a database which records translations as they are created in order to re-use them at a later date. Not only do these translation memories generate savings on the costs of translation, they also save precious time.