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Interpreting is the essential link in effective communication.


Interpreting is a subtle exercise that requires an absolute mastery of the languages and the subject matter being discussed at the meeting, coupled with a meticulous level of accuracy. Drawing on the strengths of its extensive network of interpreters, MDS Languages is able to satisfy all of your interpreting service needs thanks to our targeted solutions that meet your requirements.

MDS Languages offers three kinds of interpreting service:

Simultaneous Interpreting

In simultaneous interpretation, the speaker’s words are retransmitted instantaneously in a given language without any interruption. Working inside a soundproof booth equipped with an audio system and a microphone, the interpreter translates as the speaker is talking and the translation is relayed to the listener via a receiver headset.

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpretation usually involves taking notes to recount in a given language what the speaker has just said once they have finished talking. This technique is mainly used for small group meetings (symposia, seminars, press conferences, etc.).

Whispered Interpreting

Whispered interpreting is a simultaneous interpretation technique whereby the interpreter translates what the speaker is saying in a given language, speaking in a hushed voice (by whispering) directly into the recipient’s ear. This technique is particularly suited to bilateral talks.

Whatever kind of interpretation service you require, we can provide you with all the necessary equipment (interpreting equipment cases, audio headsets, soundproof booths, etc.).