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The solution for your sworn and certified translation needs – we take care of everything for you.


As well as simple translation, MDS Languages also provides sworn and/or certified translations, such as those required for official documents (diplomas, birth, marriage and death certificates, court judgments and notarial deeds). These translations are subject to strict legal requirements and necessitate a number of administrative steps. In order to save you time, MDS Languages takes care of all steps leading to certification and issuance of an Apostille certificate by the competent authorities. With offices located close to all of these courts, MDS Languages guarantees you the briefest turnaround times for the completion of these procedures (1-2 working days).

There are 3 types of certification procedure:



The sworn translator affixes their signature onto the translation, thereby making it legally valid.

Legal Certification

The Court of First Instance within whose jurisdiction the sworn translator works confirms the authenticity of their signature and identity, thereby conferring additional legal validity on the translation.


The FPS Foreign Affairs issues an Apostille certificate to be attached to the translation certified by the Court of First Instance, so that it may be presented with validity in a country other than Belgium.

For any additional information, please consult the Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation website.